Sunday, July 22, 2007

WTC #7

WTC #7 was demolished and fell at freefall speed. So did WTC #1 and #2.

There is no way building #7 could be rigged with explosives in a timely manner for it to fall at 5pm on 9/11/01, when the attacks occurred only about 8 hours earlier.

Also, news that one government agent was in WTC #7 when it was pulled is distressing.

Jet fuel would burn off mostly in the initial explosions, setting the interiors on fire. Does a jet that crashes and explodes burn on its fuel substantially for an hour?

If you dump 60,000 gallons of fuel in a pit, and light a match over it, will it burn fuel for an hour? No, it will explode violently, as seen in the second plane crash, and a small amount may remain later.

FEMA command was set up the night before for the mayor to relocate to when WTC 7 came down.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Every American Should Know

The Case Against The Neocons, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq. And What may Come in the Future.

Examine these Keynote Articles showing absolute pre-9/11 stateside planning for 9/11.

  • Timeline of 9/11 Events

  • The Treason-Cut: Thermite on WTC Steel

  • Iraq, America, the UN, and Oil

  • Our Rights Will Remain

  • The Fake Osama Video From the FBI

  • The Pentagon's Pre-9/11 Chalk Line

  • These articles, and many more like them, show that some party who had control inside the Pentagon, inside the WTC, and inside the FBI/CIA participated in planning 9/11. The examples of insider trading show that many business magnates had information about the event as well, although they may not have been involved in planning the event.

    Someone involved with the 9/11 investigation also either purposefully glossed over many important facts or ignored them, constituting negligence and breach of duty.

    The invasion of Afghanistan was motivated by the passport fallen from Flight 77, which belongs to a living man, one among 9 of the 19 alleged hijackers who are still alive, and also by the bin Laden confession video released by the FBI, which does not contain bin Laden and implicates the experts at the FBI for putting their stamp on the obviously false tape. It has also been said that the Afghani government was willing to turn over bin Laden if America could 'produce one piece of evidence against him'. This was not performed, and we invaded shortly after.

    Iraq was also invaded on poor pretenses. The Downing Street Memos show that Bush had planned with Blair to invade Iraq during summer of 2002, before the propaganda was launched in fall and spring of 2002 and 2003. The US left stockpiles of weapons being dismantled by the UN unguarded when we forced them to evacuate as we invaded. We did not guard those sites. They were subsequently looted.

    We also know that peak oil is coming in ~2008. Also examine peak oil's consequences at As a money and oil man, Bush and his neocon associates know about peak oil, and control or participate in controlling the majority of the world's oil and currency supplies, and own stock in automakers and other petrochemical industries. They realize that peak oil is coming, and are likely trying to consolidate world oil supplies, and other supplies as well, by invading Iraq, and planning or desiring to invade Iran, Venezuela, controlling Nigeria, and threatening Syria. The Bush Family has deals with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and we have taken over Afghanistan potentially as a fortress or lookout point against any others who may be interested in the region. This is universally bad.

    It can be said that new energy technologies could obsolete oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. However, these industries and earth's reserves of their resources amount to literally hundreds of trillions of dollars in assets and about $7.5 trillion of infrastructure contributing to their operation. This is a value that many in power are not willing to trade for free energy technology, but the science and engineering has been examined by the US Military and patent office as sound and reportedly, the military has requested orders for these items. There are also numerous businesses and inventors who have produced marvelous technologies using free water.

    We also have numerous shady dealings with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. These places allow our companies to use cheap foreign sweatshop labor that does not improve local economies to gain great control and power over foreign governments and national populations through their economies. We let our companies economically glean them, and our governments give their governments loans that they cannot repay. We also ban them from competing with us economically in the contracts. Since they cannot repay, we get to rearrange their economies and force them to sell us their natural resources on the cheap. Those who do repay the loans, like Pakistan, which devotes 70% of its GDP to loan repayment, cannot afford to build schools, so their people do it themselves, often using potentially politically polarizing Madrassas and abandoning state institutions. We also produce their textbooks, which train them how to load RPG's. We also funded many trained and armed militant groups in South Asia, South America, and Africa and other parts of the world, possibly in competition with the Soviets, possibly to be more ready for a new Vietnam taking place anywhere in the world.

    The knee-deep and upcoming scenario may be examined from a 10 year schedule/radius [found as the PNAC] of America and its allies trying to conquer the oil rich regions of the world in the years running up to peak oil, without alerting the public, who would clearly kick them out.

    They have likely conspired among major political parties, both of which are funded by the same corporate entities and global organizations, jarred election results, organized and carried out attacks on America and used their position of power to blame it on terrorists whom they previously funded, standing on the oil they want, which they are now fighting over. They controlled the media, suppressed civil rights, coordinated with corporations such as Halliburton [see: Dick Cheney] and Bechtel, launched phony and opposed war that was internationally condemned, suppressed evidence that would convict them using their seat of power, and soaked the American and world economy for billions of dollars with uneven programs, and badly damaged the environment and weakened public control over it. They have launched numerous propaganda campaigns, some successful such as invading Iraq, some unsuccessful so far, such as invading Iran.

    They may be dragging out the Iraq war to continue occupying the oil rich region of Iraq. George Bush has said on numerous occasions that he wants troops to stay in Iraq 'at least until 2008', which is the date that peak oil is scheduled to arrive. We may be purposefully dragging our feet in Iraq to be there when peak oil hits and world economic chaos erupts, to have greater control over the oil underground. If this is the mentality, then rebuilding Iraq is actually not in our interest, because the Iraqis would take the country and its oil back from us. We have also nestled in an Iraqi Constitution that allows 100% of the Iraqi economy to be owned by foreign busineses, which is unique in the world. The oil pumps in the country had no meters on them from 2003 to 2005. We don't know how much oil was pumped from Iraq during that time.

    Peak oil is coming. Within ~24 months, according to global economists. We will not be industrially prepared and we will face massive economic damages. This is going to happen. What happens after and during that, we have a harder time predicting.

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    The events surrounding 9/11/01

    I heard it repeated on wbur that flight 93 crashed in pennsylvania. This is a lie.

    Flight 93 is reported by the Mayor of Cleveland and Delta Airlines as having landed in Cleveland, Ohio at 10:45 AM on 9/11/01. The coroner at the site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania said that there was no plane there and no bodies, just a 10X20' hole in the ground with garbage dumped in it.

    9 of the 19 alleged hijackers are still alive. The one whose passport was found on the NYC street near the towers is also still alive.

    The Pentagon is equipped with missiles that will automatically launch on any plane approaching without an RFID tag indicated by the US Military. By doing *nothing* we would have stopped this attack. A landing line was also found on the Pentagon lawn on 9/7/01 mirroring the flight path of the object that hit the building. Pentagon video shows an object too short to be a 747 approaching the robotic missile-defended Pentagon.

    No evidence links Osama Bin Laden to 9/11, nor OBL to Iraq, nor Iraq to 9/11. CIA met with OBL in the weeks before 9/11 at a hospital in Dubai, despite OBL being wanted for the '98 embassy bombings. FBI officials put their reputation behind a video they claimed featured OBL, but which contained a different 'fat bin Laden' confessing to 9/11. We also funded and trained Al-Qaeda and OBL and built their camps in Afghanistan.

    When we asked Afghanistan for OBL shortly after 9/11, they said they would be happy to turn him over if the USA could produce any evidence that he was guilty. None has ever been provided or produced for anyone anywhere.

    When FBI agents in Arizona tried to call for closer investigation into Al-Qaeda and flight training Arab students, George W Bush issued executive order w-199i, ordering arrests for any **FBI agent** who continued to investigate Al-Qaeda or the flight training Arabs by reason of national security.

    Building 7 fell in ~6 seconds without sustaining damage. Secondary explosions were felt in the North and South towers. The insurance company protecting the WTC estimated some fires may have burned as low as 500*F due to unoxygenated smoke. The majority of the jet fuel burned off in the first several minutes. Jet fuel can only burn at up to 1800*F, well ventilated, with a steady supply. Steel melts at 2800*F. The 13th floor of the North tower burned for 3 hours in February of 1975, consuming 65% of the floor and the core. 0 steel was replaced. Thermite was found on WTC steel. A picture of a WTC foundation beam burn-cut at a melted 45* angle was printed with the news.



    Insider trading of airline stocks in the ~3 days before 9/11 show that someone knew and made a lot of money off of the event. ~700 million in gold was also 'lost' from the vaults below the WTC during the attacks.

    Peak oil is scheduled to arrive in 2007/8. There is an estimated $100 Trillion of oil still underground. Its owners want to sell it. New technologies could destroy oil's usefulness and value. They may spend up to ~$100T to ensure that this technology is not released.

    The Federal Reserve forecasts a 60% chance of major recession in the next 3 years. Alan Greenspan predicts a 70% chance of a major American currency crisis in the next 3-5 years. Hitting peak oil would destroy global industrial productivity and commercial value, as well as demolish stock values.

    A popular American magazine for people over 50 recommends 'great 401(k)' plans. George Bush also just helped change retirement savings plans to better use the stock market. Protect your money. Protect your family. Listen.

    Kerry and Bush are both members of Skull & Bones fraternity. The Bush family attends Bohemian Grove satanist events. Diebold voting machines were rushed into Ohio in 2004 for the election. The owner of Diebold said he would deliver the election to George Bush. Diebold voting machines were hacked into in 90 seconds on live TV broadcast, the totals changed, and the system reset without tripping security. All software must have a backdoor according to FBI law, including Diebold's paperless voting machines. Youngstown, Ohio, registered a negative 25 million votes. A series of other counties had obvious hacking or impossible numbers. This is voting fraud and treason. The UN has yet to monitor or investigate this election.

    A US Congressman slammed Bush for preparing for a military police state. A former CIA director said the government may be manufacturing fake terrorism.

    Do call your senator.

    The best thing for the victims of 9/11 and the nation is the truth.

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Liquid Explosives

    This liquid explosives thing was not urgent. The USG pressured the UK into arresting these guys immediately. Media hyped the story as a cliffhanger. Ari Fleischer admitted in 2004 that the terror alerts were done for political manoeuvering. Examine the fake alert profile. This is arguably treasonous activity. Certainly dishonest.

    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    Ari Fleischer Says Terror Alerts Political Tools

    "...The latest alerts were issued 'as a result of all the controversy that took place last week,' said Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer, referring to reports that the president received a CIA briefing in August about terror threats..."

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    The 4th Amendment

    Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science warn against an entirely new threat to computer security: peripheral devices – such as keyboards, mice or microphones – which could be physically bugged in an attempt to steal data. Penn graduate student Gaurav Shah has identified a class of devices that could covertly transmit data across an existing network connection without the user's knowledge.

    They are called JitterBugs, named by Shah's advisor, Penn Associate Professor Matthew Blaze, for both the way they transmit stolen data in "jittery" chunks by adding nearly imperceptible processing delays after a keystroke and for the "jitters" such a bug could inspire in anyone with secure data to safeguard.

    Shah presented his findings Aug. 3 at the USENIX Security Conference in Vancouver, B.C., where it was designated the "Best Student Paper" by conference organizers. As proof of the concept, Shah and his colleagues built a functional keyboard JitterBug with little difficulty.

    "This is spy stuff. Someone would need physical access to your keyboard to place a JitterBug device, but it could be quite easy to hide such a bug in plain sight among cables or even replace a keyboard with a bugged version," said Shah, a graduate student in Penn's Department of Computers and Information Science. "Although we do not have evidence that anyone has actually been using JitterBugs, our message is that if we were able to build one, so could other, less scrupulous people."

    JitterBug devices are conceptually similar to keystroke loggers, such as the one famously used by the FBI to gather evidence against bookmaker Nicodemo Scarfo Jr. Unlike keystroke loggers, which would have to be physically installed into a subject's computer and then retrieved, a keyboard JitterBug only needs to be installed. The device itself sends the collected information through any interactive software application where there is a correlation between keyboard activity and network activity, such as instant messaging, SSH or remote desktop applications. The bug leaks the stolen data through short, virtually unnoticeable delays added every time the user presses a key.

    Anytime the user surfs the web, sends an e-mail or instant messages someone, an implanted JitterBug could be timed to open a covert jitter channel to send stolen data. According to Shah, a JitterBug could not log and transmit every touch of the key due to limited storage space on the device, but it could be primed to record a keystroke with a particular trigger.

    "For example, one could pre-program a JitterBug with the user name of the target as a trigger on the assumption that the following keystrokes would include the user's password," Shah said. "Triggers might also be more generic, perhaps programmed to detect certain typing patterns that indicate some sort of important information might follow."

    JitterBugs are potentially worrisome to governments, universities or corporations with information meant to be kept confidential. One particular scenario is what Blaze refers to as a "Supply Chain Attack," in which the manufacture of computer peripherals could be compromised. Such an attack could, for example, result in a large number of such JitterBugged keyboards in the market. An attacker would only then need to wait until a target of interest acquires a bugged keyboard.

    According to Shah, the channel through which the JitterBug transmits data is also the point where it could be most easily detected and countered.

    While his presentation only discussed simple countermeasures to JitterBugs, Shah's initial results indicate that the use of cryptographic techniques to hide the use of encoded jitter channels might be a promising approach.

    "We normally do not think of our keyboard and input devices as being something that needs be secured; however, our research shows that if people really wanted to secure a system, they would also need to make sure that these devices can be trusted," Shah said. "Unless they are particularly paranoid, however, the average person does not need to worry about spies breaking into their homes and installing JitterBugs."

    Source: University of Pennsylvania

    "it probably has a built-in keylogger and stores it in a cache file which is periodically distributed when one the internet without asking the user.

    also, WHERE IS MY 4TH AMENDMENT!!!??? this is outrageously and unequivocally unlike the 4th amendment. I don't care about some loophole through private companies. The state cannot receive this information, and corporations have no right to break the amendments of consumers without their knowledge.

    it offends people."

    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    Judicial Appeal of State Indiscretion

    There must be a judicial area to bring matters of state to. I could not, and would not, sue the US Government or a department of government for their actions, with the intent of winning a change in organization or recording of policy. I would expect the ABA or ACLU or another judicial appelate group to win such a case in a trial. But who would the defendant truly be, and where would these two meet? I do not accept fiat government.

    We also should consider looking at the legal apparatus behind the Federal Reserve. They are a private company with private holders. They won the power to print money in 1913, and should not have this over a state or a people. >100% of our recent fiscal expansion has been debt.

    Your Friend,
    William Bunker

    On Sat, 5 Aug 2006 22:50:39 -0400, "Noam Chomsky"
    > Of course it is scandalous. Exactly how to proceed to deal with this is
    > not
    > a trivial question. One can't bring issues to the Supreme Court.
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > Subject: Israel and the NSA
    > >I am confused as to why Israel is given NSA information. This should be
    > > reviewed by the Supreme Court and actions should be taken to restore the
    > > 4th amendment.
    > >
    > > Thank you for your consideration,
    > > William Bunker


    The people must have a more active role in modifying the state than through petition to their elected officials. The people should have the power to organize and argue for their rights with force and consequence in courts of law on the actions of government. This will make anyone a king and decentralize power from those who would lord it over others.

    Kevin Barret speaks with Hannity & Colmbes

    In this video interview with Fox news, Professor Kevin Barret speaks to the news anchor about events surrounding 9/11 and the manner in which he address the topic in his classes.

    Thank you, tube. You make information possible.